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How to add aCAN TV to your Roku Device

You can start enjoying our channel line up on your Roku player in 3 easy steps.

Step 1, to be completed on your COMPUTER

Option 1:

1.Go to  and Sign in to YOUR ROKU account using your login credentials used when installing your Roku box

2.Then copy and paste the following lik on your browser

3.Then click on “Yes add Channel”.

4.You should get a confirmation message that the channel has been added.

Option 2:

1.Log in to your ROKU account and click on "ADD CHANNEL"

2.then under "channel access code" write "ACAN"  and click  "Add channel"

3.Then click on “Yes add Channel”.

4.You should get a confirmation message that the channel has been added.

Step 2: to be completed on you TV through the Roku Player

Go to Roku player main page on your TV ,

Then go to Settings>System Update>Check Now and it'll automatically add aCAN Tv to your Channels

Go back to “My Channels” and click on aCAN TV.
When first starting up, it'll generate an activation code of 5 characters. Please write down the given code.

Step 3 : to be completed on aCAN TV Website

1.On your computer or smartphone web browser, go to 

2. Sign into your account with your aCAN TV credentials 

3. Click on "LINK DEVICE" 

4.Enter the 5 digit code on the empty white slot and click on “Register.”

Your setup is now complete and you can start enjoying our services while your account is active.

-If you access this link but still cannot connect with your roku account and you cannot see Yes, Add Channel button, this mean the ROku device you're using was setup and linked with another Roku account. This is not recommended. From the Roku device, go to Settings>About and see if your account listed there, then use it to install apps. If you don't own that account or you no longer have access to that account, you need to reset the device bu going to Settings>Factory Reset and setup the device again by linking it with your own account

In the event when asks you to Unlink your ROku Device before linking a new one, this means that your account has already been used to link another roku device. You need to go to My A/C, and click on UnLink Your Roku to unlink your current Roku device before linking another Roku player. This is to prevent account sharing.

If you have any further questions, or issues for enjoying our services sales Staff are ready to assist you wether you speak English, French or Wolof  

Monday Thru Sat urday from 9am to 6pm GMT . 

SUPPORT US: +1(818)-666-9361 

WHATSAPP+VIBER: +221 76 309 34 59

SUPPORT ITALY: +39 329 706 6940

Email: support @


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